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About Me

Real Estate Agent • Investor • Market Analyst

I have lived on the Central Coast for over 46 years and currently I am living in the Blacklake Golf Community.

Honest, creative, proactive and loyal team with me, including transaction coordinator, administrative assistant, social media specialist and allied agents to ensure 24/7/365 attention to detail

Over 20 years of local experience, built on a foundation of trust

Founding member, Keller Williams Realty Central Coast

Listing Price to Closing Price ratio is 98%

I have lived in Los Osos, San Luis Obispo

I now live in Nipomo, enjoying activities such as Interior Design, Gourmet Cooking, Entertaining, Hiking with my dog and Kayaking

Professional Affiliations and Certifications include

  • Member of Leadership Council, Keller Williams Realty Central Coast
  • Senior Real Estate Specialist
  • Certified Listing Specialist
  • Steering Committee, South County Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Pismo Coast Association of Realtors
  • Member, Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce

Why you should use a real estate agent when buying a home

If you’ve recently decided you’re ready to become a homeowner, chances are you’re trying to figure out what to do first. It can feel a bit overwhelming to know where to start, but the good news is you don’t have to navigate all of that alone.

When it comes to buying a home, there are a lot of moving pieces. And that’s especially true in today’s housing market. The number of homes for sale is still low, and home prices and mortgage rates are still high. That combination can be tricky if you don’t have reliable expertise and a trusted advisor like me on your side.

How I Help When You Buy a Home

When you think about a real estate agent, you may think of someone taking you on home showings and putting together the paperwork, but I do so much more than that. I’m not just a facilitator for your purchase, I am your guide through every step.

I help Buyer’s Understand the Process

Do you know the difference between an inspection and an appraisal, what each report tells you, and why they’re both important? Or that there are things you shouldn’t do after applying for a mortgage, like buying appliances or furniture? I know all of these best practices and will share them with you along the way, so you don’t miss any key steps by the time you get to the closing table.

Point Out Unnoticed Features or Faults with the Home

I have a lot of experience evaluating homes. I’ve truly seen it all. I am able to pinpoint some things you may not have noticed about the home that could help inform your decision or at least what repairs you ask for.

Provide a Better List of Service Providers

In a real estate transaction, there are a lot of people involved. With my experience working with various professionals in your area, like home inspectors, I can help connect you with the pros you need for a successful experience.

I Help Negotiate Better Contract Terms and Price

Did something pop up in the home inspection or with the appraisal? I will help you re-negotiate as needed to get the best terms and price possible for you, so you feel confident with your important purchase.

Share My Knowledge of the Search Area

Moving to a new town and you’re not familiar with the area, or you’re staying nearby, but don’t know which neighborhoods are most affordable? Either way, I can help you find the perfect location for your needs.

Expanded Buyer’s Search Area

And if you’re not finding anything you’re interested in within your initial search radius, I will show you other neighborhoods nearby you should consider based on what you like, what amenities you want, and more.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to buy a home, don’t forget about the many ways I can help is essential to that process. Any hurdle that pops up, a negotiation that needs to take place, and more, I know how to handle it while I make sure to minimize your stress along the way. It is less stressful if we tackle it together.

The services I provide to sellers

Price your home strategically following a thorough market analysis, so you’re competitive with the current market and price trend

Place “For Sale” signage complete with property fliers, easily accessible to drive-by prospects

Distribute “Just Listed” notices to neighbors, encouraging them to tell friends and family about your home

Optimize your home’s Internet presence by posting information in the Keller Williams Listing System (KWLS), as well as local and global MLS systems

Appealing descriptions of your home intended to draw buyers for a closer look

Produce a 360-degree virtual tour, including drone photos when applicable

Create professional marketing fliers for use at the home and through the Internet

Target marketing to the active real estate agents who specialize in finding buyers in your area

Include your home in our company and local MLS caravans, giving agents an opportunity to view your property

Advertise your home – Neighborhood newsletter, direct mail campaigns and social media

Create Open House events, where I hold your home open for buyers and also invite pre-approved clientele to view your home

Target active buyers and investors in my database who are looking for homes in your price range and area

Provide you with weekly updates detailing my marketing efforts, including comments from prospective buyers and agents who have visited your home

Create a unique website for your listing – youraddress.com


Your needs come first. I will provide the service we agree to and communicate in the ways that works for you. Whether once a week, once a day, by phone or text message. That’s how I’ll do it. You’ll always be kept in the loop – from listing to closing. You’ll know the status of my marketing efforts, the offers on the table and the steps leading to a successful closing once an offer is accepted.

Experience and Expertise

The complexities of your real estate transaction will be well-handled, smoothing the way for your listing and sale. I will capably remove many potential challenges before they have the opportunity to appear.


Your home will get the exposure it deserves. My marketing systems maximize your property’s exposure to buyers. Neighborhood tracking tools and automated buyer calling systems allow me to reach active buyers who want to know more about your listing.


Your home will be priced right, adjusted as needed and sold quickly, with a keen understanding of both the big picture and the very latest local and neighborhood listing and sales data. The information you need at your fingertips.


Homes sell because of correct pricing and great presentation. I know what it takes to make the terrific first impression that will get your home sold.


I guarantee your satisfaction. Our relationship is dependent on meeting and exceeding your needs. We identify those needs together, and my cancellation guarantee protects your right to end our relationship if you’re disappointed.

My business thrives on referrals, and if you are happy with how I handled your transaction, I would greatly appreciate you telling your neighbors, friends and family.


Declutter, Depersonalize & Deep Clean

Pack and store as much as you can to open up closets, cabinets, rooms of excess furniture. Remove personal items, photos and medications. Clean floors, walls, doors, hardware, countertops, appliances., fixtures

Pressure Wash the exterior

Walls, eaves, windows, walkways, patios, moldy roof

Enhance Curb Appeal

New entry mat, colorful potted plants, condition of painted trim and entry door

Pre-listing Inspection

Reveal necessary repairs, help determine price point, encourage more substantial offers, reduce delay of having such repairs needing to be completed during escrow


Clear as many items as possible, except those for staging decoration

Secure Valuable Items

Jewelry, collectibles, cash

Attic and Garage

Store items in cabinets or pack them to open up these spaces. Sweep and clean surfaces

Yard Sale

Unload as much as you can to declutter and to reduce volume you have to store or move


Trim plants, remove dead vegetation, check irrigation for proper watering, Fertilize, water and mow the lawn.

Open Windows

Pull back drapery and let in fresh air if seasonally appropriate

Adjust the Thermostat

Get the home into a comfortable temperature prior to showing


Clear rooms of any odors. Bake cookies and/or burn scented candles. Moderation is best


Remove pets before showings if possible. Ensure all droppings are picked up with no residual odors.

Small Details

Clean light switches and door knobs. Remove old or excess caulking around plumbing fixtures. Reduce excessive electrical cords as much as possible

Rearrange Furniture

Reduce and/or move furniture to create more open and inviting impression of each room

Remove/reduce Area Rugs

Show off the flooring, reduce trip hazard, create openness

Turn on Lights

Brighten every room. Consider replacing low wattage bulbs with brighter LED bulbs

Home Details

Look up your home on-line – Google Maps, Zillow, County Assessor, etc. and confirm the accuracy of the information

(805) 441-5140